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Get to know who will help you on your next fly fishing adventure in Slovenia

Hey! I’m Mitja, and I am the manager of Slovenia Fly Fishing.

Since I was a child, I liked being in nature. Most of the time, you could find me near a lake or river, admiring the vibrant spirit of its flora and fauna.

But one day, walking along the river with my parents, I saw an old fisherman catch a beautiful fish. The excitement, the struggle, the triumph — I saw the whole thing. And the trout wasn’t the only thing hooked that day. Fly-fishing hooked me too. I had to try it!

So I started hanging on the riverbanks more, watching the fishers, asking them questions. Sometimes I might have been a little annoying, but I was determined to learn as much as I could.

One day, a friendly local fisher gave me a chance, and I almost caught one! That got me even more excited, so I started saving to buy my own fishing equipment. Every birthday, and any other chance I had, I asked my parents to buy me this or that piece of gear.

Smartinsko lake
Tried everything from fly fishing to carp fishing.

Sharing the passion for fly-fishing

In my teenage years, I didn’t talk about my passion for fly-fishing much. It just wasn’t considered cool.

But one time, I took some friends with me for a day, and they were very excited when I showed them what I know — “You should’ve taken us sooner, Miki!” they said. Some of them even became enthusiastic fishers themselves, and we still go fishing together every once in a while.

From that point onward, I started gaining more and more confidence about sharing my passion with others. I also was getting more experienced each year, fly fishing in various rivers all around Slovenia, catching different sorts of fish. From time to time, I even showed the beauty of fly fishing in Slovenia to some acquaintances from abroad. And if I didn’t have the time, I introduced them to one of the fishing guides I knew.

Got to know some of the best fly fishing guides in Slovenia

At one point, I realized that I could raise this passion of mine to another level. I had all the necessary skills, the teaching experience, and the drive. I knew some of the best professional fishing guides from all around Slovenia who could help me.

I got the team together, and we founded Fishing Guides Slovenia. When fly-fishing became the hottest way of angling in Slovenia, it deserved a separate brand in the family.

Just like that, Slovenia Fly Fishing was born.

As a group of professional fly-fishing guides from Slovenia, we are determined to make every guest’s fly-fishing experience here memorable. And because we speak English, German, and Italian, language is not a barrier. We are ready to go on a fishing trip with anyone!

Tons of awesome spots for fly-fishing in Slovenia

Slovenia is a perfect fly-fishing destination

People ask me, what makes Slovenia so special as a fly-fishing destination? A lot of things, but the most important is definitely its diversity packed in such a small area.

There aren’t many countries with so many top destinations just a short distance from each other. Our rivers and the nature surrounding them are largely unspoiled, which reflects well in the amount of fish each year and the size of individual specimens.

Brown trout
Slovenian waters are rich with interesting fly-fishing species

That’s why Slovenia is already on the world radar, as far as fly-fishing is concerned. Soča River, Unica River — Slovenia sports many world-famous fly-fishing areas. But lots of great fly-fishing rivers are still undiscovered, only known by the locals. We want to share that knowledge.

Our mission here at Slovenia Fly Fishing is to provide our guests with the best fly-fishing experience at our top destinations and help them uncover the limitless potential of our hidden jewels.

Prepare your gear and get ready for some serious fly-fishing!

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Ready for the time of your life?

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