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Equipment rental

A perfect solution for those, who can’t bring your own equipment with you. We'll have you covered with rods, waders, baits and tents.
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If you are travelling to Slovenia by plane or don't have enough room in your car, the equipment rental is a solution that will make your fishing experience much easier and care-free.

We provide everything, from the rod down to the flies.

Even if you don't decide to take a guided trip and just need the tackle, we are here to provide it for you.

The list of fly fishing equipment you can rent for your fly fishing adventure in Slovenia together with the price:

Fisherman's catch

Fly Fishing Equipment

  • Rod 30€
  • Waders+ Boots 30€
  • Package of 5 flies (yours to keep) 20€
  • Package of 10 flies (yours to keep) 30€
  • Belly boat 50€
  • Complete package (rod, waders, boots. landing net) 50€

If you prefer, we can also arrange drop off and pickup service, for which the price is 40€.

To make your fly fishing trip the best ever, our local guides will lead you to prime fishing areas where you’ll be able to catch your dream trophy fish.
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