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Fly Fishing Guides in Slovenia

Get to know our Fly fishing guides who will accompany you on your fly fishing adventures across Slovenia.

I am Uroš from Kranj, and I have been very active in the Slovenian fishing scene since the age of five.
I have been a member of the fishing family for almost 20 years. Together with other members, we perform a lot of fishery and aquaculture work, which you can also see by appointment.
I fished in most of Slovenian lakes and rivers, but also some foreign ones.
In my youth, I participated in competitions, which I later gave up due to lack of time and remained fishing only for my own personal pleasure.
Now I would like to make all this knowledge and joy about fish and fishing available to others through guidance.
I catch all kinds of fish and I can also say that I am an expert of all fishing techniques: from bottom fishing as well as spin-fishing,
and fly fishing. The latter is closest to my heart, which is why it takes up most of my time throughout the year. I love dry-fly fishing and nymphing.
In recent years, I have also paid a lot of attention to hunting the king of our waters – the huchen.


I am fishing since I was 3 years old and with age, my passion for fishing only got bigger. As a kid, I was learning about many fishing techniques, but with time, fly and spin fishing have become my favorite ways to spend time by the water. I spend more than 100 days in a year fishing on various venues, hence I know most of the rivers, creeks and lakes in Slovenia. My 3 favorite places are Soča, Sava Bohinjka and Idrijca. Nymphing is my number one technique I’m implementing whenever I can. I’m fluent in English and German.


I’ve been fishing since I was 6. My favourite kind of fishing in young age was lake fishing, for carp and other lake species. Later, when I discovered the art of fly fishing, this technique took over and I’ve been a passionate fly fishing angler ever since. In my fishing career I’ve visited the majority of Slovenian rivers. As a competitor in the National fly fishing championship I’ve gained many experience and fished in difficult conditions on pressured waters. My top 3 rivers are Idrijca, Savinja and Soča


I have an angling predispositions in my genes, since the whole myle part of the family have been passionate anglers. Where I come from, the waters are rich with fish and it wasn’t hard to get in love with the sport. in recent years I devoted my time to guiding, trying to show what rivers in my area have to offer. My favourite methods of fishing are fly and spin fishing. During my career I’ve caught some nice fish, among those are hucho 100+cm, pike 103cm and grayling 57cm.

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About Fly Fising Guides

Our fly fishing guides are all local anglers from Slovenia with long years of experience in fly fishing. They’ve all been fishing homeland waters since they were little and are members of different fishing clubs across the country.

With all of them competing in championships across Slovenia, they know how to catch fish and how to do it fast, so if you have enough will and stamina, then only your request for a break can stop them from spending every minute of your trip in the water, assisting with your fishing.

Knowing Slovenia fly fishing scene so well, there isn’t a spot they don’t know about and wherever you wish to begin your fly fishing adventure in Slovenia, they will know about it and make sure you catch a fish from that spot.

Before your trip, they will contact you and together you’ll discuss the latest fly fishing conditions, and decide about the right venues and techniques. That way you’ll be able to prepare for your trip in advance so everything will go smoothly from your arrival onwards.

Professional Fishing Guides

Our local fishers know the best spots and will help you get some great catches on the day of your fishing trip.

Only the Best

Our professional team with an in-depth knowledge of Slovenia has cherry-picked the best fishing areas in the country.

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As locals, we adapt the fishing trip to the conditions on the ground, striving to provide the best possible fishing experience at a given moment.

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We are a financially protected company operating since 2014, and with thousands of satisfied customers in the past, we still put you first.
To make your fly fishing trip the best ever, our local guides will lead you to prime fishing areas where you’ll be able to catch your dream trophy fish.
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