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A quick guide to provide you with all of the essential information needed before getting here and enjoying your time fishing.
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How to prepare for a fly-fishing trip to Slovenia?

When to go?

Even though it is possible throughout the whole year, the best time to go fly-fishing in Slovenia is in spring and autumn. The best months for most rivers to be bustling with fish are April, May and September. These are the months with a perfect combination of fewer tourists and warm-enough temperatures. In summer, it’s better to look for rivers which are not around any popular landmarks, as there can be quite many visitors to them. While winter is not the best time to catch most species, it’s the only time to fish for the great Huchen.

Hintersee lake

Which river to choose?

This choice depends on many factors, like the desired fish, preferences for surrounding and of course the time of the year. If you want to fish for the Brown or the Rainbow Trout, then you’re in luck since you can find them in almost every river in Slovenia. Now its iconic relative, the Marble Trout, is a different story. It can only be found on the rivers of the Adriatic Basin, like Soča and its tributaries. Grayling on the other hand is more abundant, but you still have to pick your spots if you want a better chance of catching it — We recommend Unica, Sava or Savinja. For hunting the big Huchen, Sava would be your best bet. Don’t worry, multiple days mean you can always choose more than one river to fish at. For an easier time organizing that kind of holiday, check out some of our fly fishing holidays.


Are there permits needed?

Yes, you will need a permit to fish in any of the Slovenian waters. Except for the sea, all of the rivers and lakes here are divided amongst fishing clubs. Each one of them issues permits for a few rivers and lakes under their management. You can buy most of these permits online or physically at the location in nearby restaurants, bars or hotels.


Should I come well-equipped?

That depends on the way you travel to Slovenia, as going by plane can mean you cannot take a lot of things as easily as if you go by car. For sure, take your fishing tackle, as it doesn’t take much space and your own is always the most trustworthy. To spare you the extra luggage, we offer you the rental of all the necessary or special equipment you will need during your fly-fishing days here. Rods, waders, the landing net, excellent homemade flies, you name it! — You can be sure you’ll have all you need when you go fly-fishing with us.

To make your fly fishing trip the best ever, our local guides will lead you to prime fishing areas where you’ll be able to catch your dream trophy fish.
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