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Fly Fishing Soča

Fish for trout on the most famous Slovenian emerald river to catch the queen of the trout family, the elusive Marble trout
Half Day / Full Day
1 April - 31 October
Fly Fishing on the clearest river in the Alps
The best trout fishing Alpine world can offer
One of the handful rivers where you can catch Marble trout
Fishing your own stretch of the river with no other anglers about
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Soska postrv reka SOCA 1
Soska postrv reka SOCA 1
Small marble trout from Soča river
Small marble trout from Soča river
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Soska postrv reka SOCA 1
Small marble trout from Soča river

Included in price

Professional Guide
Fishing License

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River Soča is the most iconic river in Slovenia, famous for its emerald color, white gravel river bed, and its magnificent alpine surroundings. Its best fly-fishing stretch covers a distance of 50 kilometers, from the camp Soča to the town of Tolmin.
Except for a few stretches where the river flows through gorges, its cascades and pools are easily accessible and home to a generous population of trout.

You will begin fishing in the morning when you will meet your guide at a pre-arranged spot or in front of your accommodation.

After a brief lesson on the most important things, you have to look out for while fly fishing for trout in Slovenia, you’ll begin with the fishing and during the day you’ll visit the best places on the river which are known to produce fish.

With the constant guidance and assistance of our guides, you’ll be prepared to catch some nice specimens of trout, grayling, and other types of fish residing in the river.

The trip will end in the late afternoon/evening time, with a smile on your face and a camera full of nice photos.

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Marble Trout

Marble trout is the biggest and the most iconic species of Trout in Slovenia, while also being the rarest. It almost disappeared because of the introduction of Brown Trout into the same water and the subsequent hybridization of the two but was preserved with repopulation and careful supervision. It is only found in the river Soča and its tributaries, with the average catch 30-70 cm long, all the way up to 130 cm.


Grayling is one of the most popular European fly-fishing species since it mostly feeds on insects and could be quite picky with them. It’s not the biggest fish but is certainly amongst the most beautiful, especially since male Graylings have a colorful flag-like dorsal fin. It grows to a minimum of 45 cm with the largest in Slovenia being caught at 63 cm long.

Brown Trout

The brown trout is a classic fly-fishing species, that every fly-fisher already knows. It’s the most widespread fish in Slovenia and can be found in most of our waters. Its size ranges from 25 to 80 cm, with the largest found in the Karst rivers like Unica. Its yellow-brown, olive green, dark grey or copper red body is sprinkled with red and sometimes black or white spots.

Fishing guides


I am fishing since I was 3 years old and with age, my passion for fishing only got bigger. As a kid, I was learning about many fishing techniques, but with time, fly and spin fishing have become my favorite ways to spend time by the water. I spend more than 100 days in a year fishing on various venues, hence I know most of the rivers, creeks and lakes in Slovenia. My 3 favorite places are Soča, Sava Bohinjka and Idrijca. Nymphing is my number one technique I’m implementing whenever I can. I’m fluent in English and German.


I’ve been fishing since I was 6. My favourite kind of fishing in young age was lake fishing, for carp and other lake species. Later, when I discovered the art of fly fishing, this technique took over and I’ve been a passionate fly fishing angler ever since. In my fishing career I’ve visited the majority of Slovenian rivers. As a competitor in the National fly fishing championship I’ve gained many experience and fished in difficult conditions on pressured waters. My top 3 rivers are Idrijca, Savinja and Soča

Things to know

There can be up to 3 people per guide, if there are more of you, your group will be assigned 2 guides.

In case of rain we try to find a water that’s suitable for fishing, or postpone the trip. If there’s no other option, we return the money for the guiding.

You can bring all your equipment, not bring any at all or only bring some bits and pieces. We also provide the equipment rental service so we make it easier for you to plan your fishing in case you’re traveling by plane.

You will be assigned one of our guides, which are all experts on their fields, with years of experience in different waters across Slovenia. You can find out more about them in the guides section.

Fishing permits can be bought in a few bars or fishing shops by the river, but you cn also buy them online. However, we suggest you wait with the purchase of the licenses until the day of fishing and buy them together with a help of our guide. The price of the fly fishing permit for Soča river vary from the section, it costs from 30 to 65€.

Of course, you can arrange with your guide to make one or more breaks in order to eat and drink. If you wish, you can also find a nearby restaurant and get a proper lunch, however in case you are fishing more remote locations it’s better to have some food and drink packed to go, so you just make a pause by the river.

Our guides always carry some flies around so you can buy them on the day of the fishing.
Can you arrange accommodation?
we can provide some proposals for you or make a reservation on your behalf.

Accommodation is arranged for multi-day trips, but we can give you some accommodation proposals per your request.

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Our professional team with an in-depth knowledge of Slovenia has cherry-picked the best fishing areas in the country.

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